Howard County Library receives generous donation



    For Barbara Lamb, the library is a second home. Recently, she was the benefactor of a very generous donation recently that will go towards the purchase of new floor pillows for the Children’s section of the Howard County Public Library.
    Lamb wanted to do something for the place that had brought herself and her now deceased beloved husband, Dale, much happiness over the years. “When my IRA came due, I started thinking about what I could do with it, and I thought about how much the library means to me, and that Dale would have wanted to donate to the library.”, she said with a smile.
    “Nashville is so fortunate to have such an efficient library with such caring employees: Head Librarian Janice Curry, Tammy Watson, Mary Tracy, Cheryl Burcham, and Nicole McGilberry are some of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. If you’re looking for something, they will gladly help you find it – sometimes even if it is in another library. Jane Perkins, who retired from the library, helped me get started on my mystery writer Robert B. Parker. Now, I’ve read all the library has to offer.”
    I was researching “restaurant tipping” and how it started, and the librarians were “on the spot” and found a load of interesting material for me. Our local library is an invaluable tool, and I wish everyone would use it to its full potential.”
    “If you’re waiting until you have time to read, it will never happen.” Lamb stated. “You have to make or take time to receive one of the greatest additions to your education, and to a healthier, more informed, and alert life, just by taking a little time to read each day. Get a book from the library, take it with you wherever you go. You will be surprised at the number of opportunities you have to read!”
    Lamb spoke at length about her road to rediscovering books and returning to the joys of reading. “I had a friend who owned a bookstore, and she suggested I start reading again with some of the “quick-read” books. I honored her concern and her graciousness by making time. I think my blood pressure went down and I began to accomplish more at both work and home.”
    “Support your library.” Lamb said. “There’s always something interesting there or something interesting going on.”

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