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From the Barnyard by Mike Graves

We saw a program the other night about violent gangs in our cities that featured gangs from a Central American area who were busy recruiting here in the USA. The gist of the deal was the gang members would recruit youngsters whom nobody wanted, and there were legions of these unwanted, especially in our cities. Gang activity is less obvious here in the country, because there are less homeless, runaways, and hopefully less opportunities for gangs to prey on the unwanted.
What a sad term; “The unwanted.” And what an opportunity for gangs, and the armies they’ve spawned (Isis) as we become more fragmented via divorce, economic destruction of our middle class, incarceration etc.
I know the answer is NOT materialism. These kids are NOT joining to further themselves in the professional world. Maybe they join to show “Dad” that someone believes they’re worth something, after all. (I fear the Kharma these Dads will reap who spend more time and money getting tattooed than taking their kids fishing.)
What can we do, to make the unwanted believe in themselves and therefore give themselves some respect by refraining from drugs, promiscuity and suicide?
We can include them in activities via church, athletics and bring them home with us and feed ’em, if need be. Out time, given to the unwanted, is what we’ve got to make room for. The same applies to our elderly and the sick; they need, and deserve, our time.
There are 24 hours in everyone’s day. I don’t have any business preaching, but I suggest we take the time to look out for each other – you know, like we were raised to do, and did, before we got so busy doing whatever it is we are doing.
The elderly shouldn’t be asked to visit and care for the elderly, and infirmed; its up to those able bodied of us who have 24 hours in each day; my generation.
Thanks for sharing these few minutes with a product of the rural south, May God bless you all.
“United we stand, divided we fall, come on people, lets get on the ball, and work together. Yes, together we will stand every boy girl woman and man!!” Canned Heat
“Be kind to one another.” Eph 4 32
“They who would hold the citadel of contemplation should first exercise themselves on the battlefield of toil.”St Gregory 5th century