Ozan man held on $100K bond for alleged aggravated assault


    Ramon Rafael Taylor

    Nashville Assistant Police Chief

    NASHVILLE- March 29, at approximately 8:42 p.m., Nashville Officers were dispatched to Food Fast in Nashville regarding a fight. When Officers arrived they were unable to locate anyone involved in a fight. At 8:48 p.m., Officers were notified that one of the persons involved in the fight was a Kentucky Fried Chicken on Main Street.
    Officers spoke with Darell Scoggins at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Scoggins stated that Ramon Taylor had walked up to him while he was at Food Fast. He stated that both of them were cussing at one another, and that they had a fist fight. Scoggins stated that he left after the fight.
    While Officers were talking with Scoggins, someone told them they heard gunshots toward where Scoggins lives.

    Officers had Scoggins stay there while they went and checked the gun shots that were heard. At 9:04 p.m., Officers arrived at the residence of Scoggins. They spoke with the wife of Scoggins. She stated that she heard several gunshots, and saw a person jump into a blue Durango on Hutchinson Street and speed away very fast.
    While Officers were searching the area they found six spent 380 casings on Hutchinson Street. They also located five bullet holes on the south side of a residence that is located next to Scoggins residence.
    While Officers were conducting a search they received a call of a fight at Kentucky Fried Chicken. When Officers arrived they spoke with witnesses who stated that Ramon Taylor was chasing Darell Scoggins with a knife. Taylor was arrested, and transported to Howard County Jail.
    During an interview with Taylor, he admitted to shooting the house, and having a knife while at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The investigation was conducted by Officers of the Nashville Police Department and the Howard County Sheriff’s Department. Taylor, 24, of Ozan is charged with Terroristic Act, class B felony and Aggravated Assault, class D felony. Bond amount is $100,000.