Man arrested in DeQueen homicide


    Terrica Hendrix

    DE QUEEN – Shortly after a Sevier County man was found dead, various law enforcement quickly apprehended the man suspected in the homicide.
    Prosecuting Attorney Bryan L. Chesshir confirmed that 37-year-old Amado Gallardo lived at 9th and Coulter streets in De Queen and was found slain at his residence Sunday evening. Chesshir said that Gallardo was “home Sunday night with his two-year-old daughter” when a female babysitter said that Aaron Loving and Gallardo “had words.” According to Chesshir, Gallardo allowed Loving, 20, to sleep on his couch for two nights, but told him that he had to leave. Chesshir said that Loving left and came back. Gallardo told the babysitter to leave and as she was getting into her car, she “heard a shot” and “saw Loving slinking off.” The babysitter saw Gallardo on the ground and she immediately called police.
    Chesshir added that Loving is suspected of carjacking a vehicle “about four or five blocks from the crime scene.” Arkansas State Police Special Agent Pete Penney and De Queen Police Investigator Sunny Kimmel interviewed the carjacking victim – who gave a description of Loving, Chesshir said.
    The victim told the investigators that the suspect pretended to have a gun under his shirt and forced him to drive to Idabel, Okla. Chesshir said that the suspect “kicked him out of the vehicle in Idabel.” The vehicle was spotted in Broken Bow, Okla., and the driver – Loving – led law enforcement to the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Department in Idabel. Once he was apprehended, Chesshir said that Loving told law enforcement that “You [expletive deleted] ain’t got nothing on me, I’m facing life in Arkansas.”
    Loving, who is currently in custody in McCurtain County, Okla., is expected to be charged with first degree murder and aggravated robbery and kidnapping.
    Loving is expected to be extradited to Sevier County to face the charges.
    Chesshir added that Loving’s quick arrest was the result of all agencies working together. He said the Arkansas State Police “were more than helpful helping the local agencies. It was very impressive how all the agencies worked together to not only solve a crime but to obtain an arrest of the defendant.”

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