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Early Files for the week of March 28, 2016


Early files for the week of March 28, 2016

120 years ago: 1896
The Irving Society met at the home of the president Saturday night. Owing to unknown causes the attendance was small, though the work under consideration was of more than usual interest, being the last of the reading prescribed for the month of February in which we have the birthday of Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow and Lowel.
(adv.) Sarsaparilla is the one true blood purifier. All druggists. $1. Prepared only by C.I. Hood & Co.

97 years ago: 1919
Washington- The house today adopted the conference report on the bill permitting soldiers, sailors and marines to retain their uniforms when discharged and allowing them five cents a mile for traveling expenses home. The measure now goes to the president.
Sheriff and Mrs. Roy Millwee arrived in the city Tuesday afternoon from Little Rock, where they were married Sunday night. Sheriff Millwee went to Little Rock to carry eight prisoners to be placed in the penitentiary and incidentally to get married. The sheriff only handcuffed his prisoners, but he returned to this city tied for life.

63 years ago: 1953
Mike, a 3-year old boxer that disappeared from the Jett Sain home in March 1952, has been found. The dog was spotted in Texarkana by a humane officer, J. T. Nichols.
A family in Texarkana had the boxer and told Sain they purchased the dog about a year ago. The family declined to give up the pet, city police were summoned. The family agreed to let Mike be housed at Texarkana’s animal shelter until Mr. Sain can prove ownership.
Did he know you when he saw you?’ Sain was asked in Nashville Monday.
“Did he? His old tail started wagging- just like that,” demonstrated Sain, a finger wig-wagging through the air.
Big Mike was a favorite with school children who passed through the neighborhood.
(Adv.) Now playing at the Howard Theatre, He hunted gold and women… “The Tall Texan”, with Lloyd Bridges and Lee J. Cobb

40 years ago: 1976
Mrs. Lenoulia O. Crofton of Nashville has been selected for the 1975-76 publication of Who’s Who Among Black Americans. She is one of 10,000 chosen for the first publication.
Selections will be published every two years by a subsidiary of Educational Communications of Northbrook, Illinois. Persons chosen for the book have distinguished themselves in the areas of government, business, religion, education, civic affairs, medicine, sports or arts of science.
Mrs. Crofton has worked in the field of education for 35 years. She is a member of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and has held several positions on the national level. She is the daughter of Albert Olds and the late Mrs. Ethel K. Olds, the widow of the late James H. Crofton and the mother of a son, James L. Crofton.

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