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The Earthly Kingdom of Frances Swaggart


From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

Everything in the world the Swaggarts have done or said has been questioned, debated and exposed, and you’ve made your mind up how you feel about the self righteous Louisiana charlatans. This article is about the creepy wife of the defrocked sex king, and if you feel compelled to keep listening to her negativity, then go right ahead; (I choose the loud, rebellious rock and roll she warns about.)
These quotes are from DVD’s available to everyone who wants to follow Mrs. Jimmy Swaggart; and are available for $20 per DVD by ordering from her worships’ web site.
“The Truth About Masons”
“The Masons are unscriptural.”
The Truth About Catholics”
“If one believes true scripture, Catholics are not saved.”
“The Truth About Mormonism”
“Mormonism is just plain wrong.”
“The Truth About Seventh Day Adventists”
“The Seventh Day Adventist religion is a false way to salvation – they are unscriptural.”
A question, for the very wealthy, celebrated Ms. Rev. Swaggart from this fallible “Christian”; If you base your “truth” on scripture from The Holy Bible,how are we to interpret the following scriptures; Matt 13;22, Mark 4;19, Tim 1 6;9,2, Tim 3;2, Psalms 62;10, Prov 15;27, and Ec 2;19 ?
And, most especially, 1 Timothy, chapter 2, verse 11, “A woman shall not teach or exercise authority over a man, rather she is to remain silent.” (This applies to everyone except our household).
“Of high climbing thoughts, the wings of swelling pride;
Their fall is worse, that from the heights of greatest honor slide. ”Rob’t Southwell 16th century
“After they’ve made their dirty remarks; there is one question I would really like to ask; Is there a place for the hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind just to save his own belief?”One Love
“Bob Marley