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From the Barnyard by Mike Graves

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are being cussed and discussed amongst food eaters this morning. Most corn, wheat, and lots of fruits and vegetables come from GMOs.
The cool thing today is to sit in an expensive coffee shop and badmouth GMOs and antibiotics in groceries. Oh, and while we’re badmouthing corporate agri, let’s brag about how much money we give to animal organizations, and tell everyone we once planted a tree.
I know I sound like a jaded apologist for modern agri, but I’d like for my grandkids to have plenty to eat someday. You see, non-GMO foods, like government paid medicine and college, sound like great ideas, but they just don’t work. I am all for each and every one of us to till, plant, and nurture a garden so that those of us who choose non-GMOs can enjoy a plentiful harvest. It won’t happen. We’d rather complain about our food than grow our own. Today’s consumer believes he/she is entitled to cheap, safe, delicious food without getting dirt under their nails.
I watched the CEO of Monsanto tell the viewers of Meet the Press he was for labeling all GMO food items; which impressed the heck out of me. And the fact that 80% of food scientists believe GMOs are necessary and safe tells me I can, if given the opportunity, enjoy such foods as Papaya.
So, all you urbanites and food experts can badmouth and boycott all the GMOs you want; just don’t complain when the grocers don’t have any Papayas.
• “Farmers fatten when famine reigns.”
– Sir Samuel Garth 17th century
• “Beside the garden wall, when stars are bright, you are in my arms…the nightingale tells his fairy tale, of paradise, where roses grew.”
– Stardust, Nat King Cole
• 1Tim 6:8

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