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Early files for the week of February 29, 2016


Compiled by Patsy Young

126 years ago: 1890
The Star of Bethlehem is again to be visible this year, being its sixth appearance since the birth of Christ. It comes once in 315 years, and is of wondrous brilliance for three weeks. Then it wanes and disappears after seventeen months. It will be a sixth star added to the five fixed stars in Cassiopeia while it remains in sight.
Squire J. H. Ferguson had a little bout with a couple of men named Johnson from Antimony City Saturday. In the absence of the Marshal the Squire had them arrested for being drunk and disorderly, when one of them began to abuse the Squire and made at him in an attempt to release his brother. He met with a warm reception and the Squire demolished his walking cane over the head of the offender. The men gave bond for their appearance at this place on the 20th.
(Adv.) With a bottle of Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral at hand, one may feel comparatively secure against the various diseases arising from sudden changes of temperature, exposure to drafts and storms. Sold at all drugstores

100 years ago: 1916
The Howard County democratic Central Committee will meet in Nashville next Monday, for the purpose of adopting restrictions for the primary election to be held in the county on March 29, selecting the officers for conducting same and arranging for the election supplies. Mike Pope of Nashville is chairman of this committee and E. E. Hughes of Centre Point is secretary.
(Adv.) All kinds of pies baked twice daily at Walker’s Cafe, telephone 74

66 Years ago: 1950
Hazel Walker will bring her team of Arkansas Traveler all women basketball players to Nashville Sunday for a game with the American Legion all men team of Nashville. The game will be played at Whiteside Hall at 2:30 p.m.
Hazel is known throughout the entire United States, Canada and Mexico for her records in basketball-better known to the sporting world as “Miss Basketball.” After having spent fourteen years in amateur competition, she turned pro in the fall of 1946-joining Olson’s Original All-American Redheads. Hazel was born in Ashdown and attended school there.

(Adv.) Playing at the Elberta Sunday and Monday Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan in “I Was a Male War Bride” plus a cartoon

36 years ago: 1980
The Blue Bayou Church of Christ will mark its 100th anniversary Sunday with special services and fellowship events. On February 22, 1880 the church was organized. Elder W. G. Dossey led the group with other church officers including T. G. Roby, assistant elder; C. W. Chesshire, deacon; James T. Hale, deacon; and W. W. Reese, clerk.
For Harold Dossey, it will also be a day to recall his family’s heritage. The 68-year old Mineral Springs resident is the great-grandson of the first elder of the Blue Bayou Church of Christ and remembers much of the history of the church. He and Nashville historian Lucille Westbrook worked diligently to transcribe the church’s records into a history book in 1977.

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