Blevins woman arrested for terroristic threatening



    BLEVINS – A Blevins woman was arrested after allegedly making threats to school employees.
    According to a press release issued by Hempstead County Sheriff James A. Singleton, “on Feb. 2, Central Dispatch received a call from Coach Kelton, from the Blevins’ School District, in reference to a white male and a white female being on the bleachers of the baseball stadium at the Blevins’ School. Coach Kelton stated that when the subjects were asked to leave, the female subject became aggravated and stated cursing at him.”
    Singleton stated that Hempstead County Deputy Jeremy McBride spoke with Coach Scott Kelton,” who stated that he received a telephone call stating that there were students in the bleachers on the baseball field. Coach Kelton stated that when he got there, he told the two that they had to leave campus. Coach Kelton stated that Amber told him she was on the phone…Coach Kelton stated that Amber Parks, of Blevins, went nuts and started coming towards he and Coach Hall; and started cursing them. Coach Kelton stated that Amber said she was going to “whoop his [expletive deleted].” Coach Kelton stated that Cameron the person with Amber was holding her back, but continued to curse and yell profanities, while they left campus.”
    Singleton added that Parks continued to use profanity and threatened to kill one of the coaches.
    Parks and Cameron Aldridge were not students at Blevins Schools.
    On Feb. 16, Parks was arrested at approximately 12:50 p.m. at 209 Dogwood Lane in Blevins and she was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked for Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree.