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From the Barnyard by Mike Graves

We’re going to try to have a more grateful attitude in 2016, so, right off the bat, Thanks to Thomas Boozer and company for grading The Hickory House parking lot. Mr Boozer is the type of man to do this anonymous and not expect any reward. There’s still such a thing as being neighborly. And, a special ”Thanks” to those of you who brought my mom Christmas blessings, visited shut-ins and helped each other pick up after the flood.
We are very happy this morning to read the latest cattle market from the Chicago Merc. The cattlerange called futures “Very confident, going from despair to joy as we end the year.”
There has been no calf sales as of yet, but we watch with anticipation, after packers bid 12$/100 lbs. more this morning for fat cattle. This means we’ve moved some inventory and the bottom was reached between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lets hope the market stays fair for both buyer and seller, and the cow business remains attractive enough for the young generation to get, and stay involved.
We expect buyers to have a renewed interest in what should be large numbers of calves coming to town this week, and hope to report a 15-20$/100 lbs rebound when we visit next week; should the Good Lord allow.
And that’s all I’ve got this quiet Monday, January 4th, in the year of our lord 2016.
“In my heart,joy tears start, ‘cause I’m happy. And I pray everyday for my mom and pappy.” ”Mom and Dads Waltz” Lefty Frizzell.
Blessed are the peacemakers. Mt. 5