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Former school nurse facing drug charge


A former Nashville school nurse and hospice care worker is facing a felony charge after she allegedly used fraudulent prescriptions multiple times to obtain thousands of pain pills, according to case documents provided by the Nashville Police Department.

Wendy N. Kinkade, 30, of Nashville was interviewed and arrested on Jan. 22 and then released from jail on $2,500 bond. She is charged with controlled substances – fraudulent practices, which is a Class D felony.

On Jan. 11, the Nashville Police Department was contacted by a patient at the Ouachita Regional Hospice in Mena who stated someone had been picking up hydrocodone prescriptions in his name. The patient said he had never taken the drug and did not have a prescription for hydrocodone. The patient’s daughter instigated the investigation when she got a list of medications that had been picked up in her father’s name.

Eight prescriptions for hydrocodone – totaling 3,300 pills – had been presented to Power Pharmacy between June 9, 2015 and Dec. 21, 2015 in the patient’s name. From Oct. 3, 2015 to Dec. 13, 2015, three more prescriptions – totaling 240 pills – were presented to Walmart in Nashville. Kinkade allegedly picked up the drugs in both instances, according to case documents.

Two prescriptions were faxed from Nashville Junior High School to Power Pharmacy. Kinkade was employed by the school district as a school nurse at the time the prescriptions were sent.