Former NJHS school nurse appears in court

    Judge holding gavel in courtroom


    NASHVILLE – A local woman appeared in court on controlled substances – fraudulent practices.
    Wendy N. Kinkade, 30, of Nashville, appeared in Howard County Circuit Court on Wednesday before Judge Tom Cooper on controlled substances – fraudulent practices. Kinkade did not have an attorney present. She waived the reading of her charge and entered a not guilty plea. She was ordered to return on Feb. 24 with an attorney. She was also ordered to appear in circuit court on March 16 for pretrial and on March 22 for trial.
    On Jan. 11, the Nashville Police Department received a “report from Enos Campbell regarding someone getting prescriptions for hydrocodone in his name,” Nashville Investigator Larry Marion stated via press release.
    According to an affidavit filed in Kinkade’s case, Campbell “is currently under care by Ouachita Regional Hospice” Campbell’s daughter, Kim Whitworth “stated that sometime in December 2015, she received a call from ORH regarding her father taking Hydrocodone. She told them that he doesn’t take Hydrocodone. This prompted Mrs. Whitworth to get a list of medications that was picked up in her father’s name from Power Pharmacy and Wal-Mart.”
    The affidavit stated that “eight prescriptions for Hydrocodone were presented to Power Pharmacy between June 9, 2015 and Dec. 21, 2015 in Enos Campbell’s name. Wendy Kinkade picked up the medication. This was a total of 3,300 pills. Three prescriptions for Hydrocodone were presented to Wal-Mart between Oct. 3, 2015 and Dec. 13, 2015. Wendy Kinkade picked up those medications totaling 240 pills.
    “Two prescriptions were faxed from the Nashville Junior High School to Power Pharmacy. Wendy Kinkade was employed by Nashville School District at the time they were faxed,” the affidavit ended.