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Early files for the week of January 18, 2016


126 years ago: 1890

A wash made of the water in which potatoes have been boiled is a certain means of destroying insects on animals. The first application is generally effectual, but it had better be repeated a few times in order to destroy the eggs. The same means may be used against the parasites in which mange originates, and probably would remove plant life also. This insecticidal property of the potato is supposed to be owing to the solanine, which is one of its constituents.
( Adv.) The pulpit, the bench and bar recommends Cheatham’s Chill Tonic as the finest antiperiodic in use, being free from poison and guaranteed. Sold by J.N. Rector, Hale & Hale and Goodwin & Co.

100 years ago: 1916

N.B. Coleman was aroused from his slumbers at his home on Main Street a few nights since, by some dogs fighting beneath his window. He secured his shotgun and went out into the yard, when the dogs ran in opposite directions. He fired in the direction taken by one, and later found that he had killed a fine calf, which had already been bargained to a buyer. The calf was in excellent condition, so he dressed it that night and sold it to the local market next morning.
(Adv.) Remember, John Bissell has charge of the Belly Band and Crupper department, and can take measures for harness, and will attend to his part of the embracing. Alex L. Skillern.

86 years ago: 1930

Jack Petre of Browen Bow, Okla. was found in a serious condition in his car in the Saline River bottom on the Nashville and Lockesburg road early Sunday morning and brought to this city. Petre, who was going from his home to Hope, had stalled his car in the bottoms on the detour road and was unable to extricate himself and no help came. In getting out of his car to drain the radiator he stepped in water which came up to his knees. He remained in his car all night, and when found was almost frozen from his hips down. He was brought to the home of his brother-in-law, Jesse Howard, in this city, where medical aid was given. It is believed that he will recover with the loss of only one foot.
(Adv.) Liberty Theatre, Saturday, Ronald Coleman and Vilma Banky in “The Night of Love” Also first chapter of “The Black Book” and comedy, Matinee and night, 10c and 25c

36 years ago: 1980

Anna Marie Johnson, a senior at Saratoga High School, has been honored through the publication of one of her poems entitled “Myself”, which appears in the February issue of Coed Magazine. Earlier this year she won an energy conservation contest, which was sponsored by the Hempstead County Cooperative Extension Service.
At Saratoga High School, Anna Marie is a member of the Future Homemakers of America. She is treasurer of the student council and activity editor of the school yearbook. Following graduation in May, she plans to attend Harding College.