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Cookie Cutter For Making Millionaires


Pokin’ Fun by Doc Blakely

I recently attended the
Successful Life Course, a two
and a half day seminar held
in remote McCormick Creek
State Park in Indiana. SLC is
the brain child of Texans Ed
Foreman and Earlene Vining.
It’s more like a boot camp
for people that want to establish
and achieve dreams.
Dreams? I thought I was having
a nightmare when I got
a wake-up call, which I did
not ask for, from the Lodge
operator at 5:30 a.m., that’s
when calisthenics start. I had
flash backs of my Father saying,
“Don’t make me come
in there after you!” I got up
because if I didn’t he always
ran an ice cold, wet, washrag
up my leg from the foot of
the bed. I felt like I was in
the Army, the Russian Army,
in Siberia.
It’s like the young soldier
that was told his job was to
be the company bugler. He
blew the bugle at 5:30 and
went back to bed. The First
Sergeant drug him out and
told him to get with the platoon
and enjoy doing warmups
in the freezing snow. He
said, “What? I did my job. I
blew the bugle, Dude!”
So we did exercises followed
by a lengthy, brisk
walk led by Ed in one group
and Earlene in another. Ed,
approaching 81 years of age,
or dragging it behind him, I
forget, has calculated this
regimen has been taught to
700 classes, about 50,000
people in the last 45 years,
from all over the world. Just
in this year’s class there
were participants from
France, Italy, Germany, England,
Scotland, and Canada.
As Kinky Freedman would
say, “There are people here
from all over the world, even
SLC has been so successful
that Marcia, a repeat
attendee from a couple of
years ago refers to it as a
“cookie cutter for making
Since her last course she
has lost 100 pounds using
the principles taught here.
She started by running a
marathon. “I felt like a turtle
running in peanut butter,”
she says, “Walkers were
passing me, but I drew the
line and vowed not to finish
last. I had one guy behind
me and he tried to pass but
I was motivated so I kicked
away his crutches.” Marcia
also became a millionaire recently
and says she doesn’t
like to brag but in the process
she also successfully
completed two marriages.
We studied the principles
of some of the world’s greatest
Plato, Simon and Garfunkle,
guys like that. Now here’s
the kicker. People not only
have airfare, rental car and
other expenses but they pay
a tuition of $3000 per person
to study at the Successful
Life Course. Want to attend?
Forget it. This was the last
one. The Dream Factory has
quietly been creating wealth,
success and happiness for
half a century while the most
important thing on lots of my
generations minds is, “Who’s
got the double six.”

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