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From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

I personally would like
to see a former Arkansas
First Lady become President,
so I’m voting for Hillary
Rodham, as she was
know for 12 years as our
First Lady.Remember?
Yessir, I’m marking my
ballot for Hillary Rodham.
Which means I won’t
vote for Democratic candidate,
former Senator,
former Sec of State Hillary
Clinton, as she is now
known as.
According to Associated
Press, the media has been
told to refer to her worship
as “Hillary Clinton” (opposed
to Hillary Rodham
Clinton, as she was known
until September.)
I predict it won’t matter
how I vote, Hillary Rodham
Clinton will be elected, and
by a large margin.
My blue collar buddies
at deer camp and coffee
shop don’t agree, but I
believe they don’t realize
what a minority we (southern
rural “Christians”) are
Yeah, the Tea Party
swept the South, they
won’t beat Hillary. Sixty
percent of female voters
will vote for and support
the first woman to be elected
President. ”Minorities”
will get out and vote for
Hillary, and the largest
group of voters; urban,
professional, pro-union
voters who describe themselves
as “progressive” will
turn out to sweep Hillary
in as President. The media
will reassure her second
term, they are already at
her service.
And y’all know what
else? It won’t make a hill
of beans who is President,
this nation is so far from
the values I was brought
up on it isn’t America. It’s
someone else’s America,
not mine. Hillary Clinton
will make an appropriate
Commander in Chief for
this “America.”
So, if you are cut from
the same cloth I was, (Fear
the Lord, Honor thy father
and mother, One nation,
under God,) your day is
done;r emember, we had a
good run.
• “Be true to your teeth,
and they wont be false to
you.’ – Soupy Sales
• “There is no liberty except
the liberty of the joyful
who cleave to eternal law.”
– St Augustine 4th century

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