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Early Files for the Week of December 7, 2015


Compiled by Patsy Young

118 years ago: 1897
Mr. Justice Riddick
decided the case of Will Notions
vs. the State, who was
indicted for and convicted
of incest. In his opinion he
said: “The only question
we need consider here is
whether the laws of State
prohibit and punish marriage
between first cousins.
Our statute provides that
persons marrying who
are within the degrees of
cousanguity within which
marriages are declared by
law to be incestuous, or
who shall commit adultery
with each other shall be
deemed guilty of incest.
The punishment for such
crimes is imprisonment.”
“The fact that marriage
between first cousins was
not prohibited at the time
the original statute defining
and prohibiting incest was
enacted can avail nothing,
for the purpose of the
statute was to prohibit and
punish the illicit relations
between persons whom
marriage was forbidden
by law. It had reference
to both prior and subsequent
legislation upon the
subject of marriage and its
provisions were extended
by the act of 1875. The
judgment is affirmed.”
Letter to Santa Claus:
Dear Santa Clause, Bring
me some candy and a knife
and I aint got no fish hooks.
Brown Turner
110 years ago: 1905
Mrs. Thompson, a
women who had been
deserted by her husband,
died near Pleasant Valley
Church Sunday night and
left a family of five children
in destitute circumstances.
The family moved here
last August from Bowie
County, Texas. After about
six weeks the husband and
father left and nothing has
been heard of him since.
A neighbor, G.W. Gammil
came to Nashville
Monday and solicited
help from our citizens to
bury the poor woman and
to provide something for
the children until some
other arrangements can
be made. The woman had
been sick for some time
and no doubt suffered for
the lack of attention. Some
of the children are sick and
no doubt this is a case that
should be looked after by
charitably inclined people.
(Adv.) I am fully prepared
to do penny picture
work in good style. Find
me at N.J. Choate’s Gallery
at all hours. Arch
76 years ago: 1941
Jake Webb of this city,
who is with the U.S. Air
Corps at Bangor ME had
a good deal to be thankful
for in his Thanksgiving
celebration this year at
Bangor. Jake and others
in the service went deer
hunting, and Jake bagged
a fine specimen weighing
140 pounds. He has sent
pictures of himself and his
deer to home folks. He also,
received promotion to the
rank of Machinist first class
in the air corps.
Letter to Santa Claus:
Dear Santa, Please bring
me an army helmet, airplane
and army tank. Bring
Jerry a drum and a blue tricycle.
Your friend, Mickey
27 years ago: 1988
NHS graduate Kerri
Wesche hopes that area
residents will help Baylor
University students fulfill
a dying child’s last wish.
Wesche, the daughter of
Katie and Tom Wesche of
Nashville, attends Baylor
University at Waco, Texas.
Kerri called her mother
last night to tell her of a
special project adopted
by Baylor students. “Kerri
thought some Nashville
folks might assist also,”
Wesche, assistant superintendent
for the Nashville
School District, said
A little boy named David
has asked for Christmas
cards through a “Child’s
Last Wish” program. David
would like to be included
in the Guiness Book of
Records as the person receiving
the most Christmas