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Early Files for the Week of December 14, 2015


Compiled by Patsy Young

118 years ago: 1897
Jeff Willis and Sample
Ferguson fell out over a
dusky damsel Monday
night and had quite a row.
Sample says Jeff kicked
him and struck him several
times and was advancing
with a heavy piece
of plank when he drew
his pistol and fired two
shots, both of which were
stopped by Jeff. One took
effect in the right breast
and the other in the right
leg above the knee.
Dr. Corn was sent for
and found Jeff cold and
pulseless but succeeded
in reviving him. One ball
was taken out at the back
but the one in the leg has
not been located. The
physician believes Jeff
will die. He rested badly
last night and complained
of his side hurting and
had difficulty breathing.
Sample surrendered to
Marshall Lee yesterday
Letter to Santa Claus:
Dear Santa Claus, I should
like to have a doll buggy,
a story book and a pair of
side combs. I have dolls
enough. Santa, please
don’t forget to come
around to my house. Murrell
110 years ago: 1905
Nashville High School
opened September 11,
1905 and will close June
1, 1906. A full course,
with thorough training
in high school work is
offered together with a
special course for teachers.
Music is given special
attention by experienced
and competent teachers.
Nashville High School
guarantees fair treatment
and honest work. R. H.
Kolb, Principal, extends
a hearty invitation to all
young men and ladies who
really mean business and
wish to work for advancement.
(Adv.) J.P. Cowling is
at his old stand. Always
keeps feed of all kinds on
hand, not cheaper than
everybody, but as cheap
as anybody. This is all
that I can do and I hope to
serve you.
74 years ago: 1941
On December 1st the
hunting season on quail
and fur-bearing animals
opened. Our county and
state are blessed with an
ample supply of game
and with forests which
provide food and cover in
abundance. If the forest
flourishes, the hunter benefits:
if it wanes, he suffers.
Last year in fire protection
Unit No.6 of the Arkansas
Forestry Commission, 78
per cent of all forest fires
which occurred during
the months of November
and December were attributed
to the carelessness of
hunters. With a little care
and thoughtfulness on
the part of hunters by
extinguishing camp fires,
crushing out cigarettes
and breaking matches
into, forest fires can be reduced
to a minimum during
the hunting seasons.
Letters to Santa Claus:
Dear Santa, I am a little
boy eight years old. I am
in the third grade. I want
a farm set, a ball and some
candy and nuts and an
apple and some oranges.
Your little friend. James
(Adv.) Howard Theatre,
preview Saturday
night, 10:45, Alice Faye,
Carman Miranda, John
Payne and Cesar Romero
in the technicolor musical,
“Week-End in Havana”.
27 years ago: 1988
Winners of awards at
the annual Scrapper’s football
banquet Thursday
were Steve Spigner, Leading
Tackler Award and Jay
Turley, Leading Rusher
Award. For the first time
three players shared the
Annual Lineman’s Award
given by the NHS coaches.
The winners were Tyson
Feemster, Eddie Daniel
and John Westfall. The
NHS coaches picked two
players to receive the
Scrapper Spirit Award.
They were Kevin Rose and
Charles Jefferson, who
also won the Rotary MVP

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