Charges filed in rape case; Trial set for February


    NASHVILLE – Formal
    rape charges have been
    filed against a 32-yearold
    Luis Reyes Lucas, of
    Nashville, appeared in
    Howard County Circuit
    Court yesterday morning
    – with his interpreter,
    Emilia D’Auteuil, and
    public defender. Lucas
    was arraigned on six
    separate charges.
    Lucas requested that
    the Court appoint him
    a public defender to assist
    him in his case and
    Greg Vardaman was appointed.
    The attorney
    waived formal reading
    of Lucas’ charge. Circuit
    Judge Charles A. Yeargan
    advised Lucas of
    his rights and told him
    that he has “six separate
    counts against” him.
    Lucas is charged with:
    1. Rape
    2. Rape
    3. Engaging children in
    sexually explicit conduct for
    use in visual or print medium
    4. Engaging children in
    sexually explicit conduct for
    use in visual or print medium
    5. Engaging children in
    sexually explicit conduct for
    use in visual or print medium
    6. Forgery in the second
    Lucas is charged with
    two separate counts of rape.
    Yeargan told Lucas that the
    two charges are “Class Y Felonies
    which carries a penalty
    of 25-40 years or life in prison
    on each one if found guilty.”
    Each count of engaging children
    in sexually explicit
    conduct (Class B Felonies)
    carries a separate penalty
    of 5-20 years in prison and
    fines not to exceed $15,000
    or any combination of fines
    or prison.
    Forgery in the second degree
    is also a Class B Felony.
    “Mr. Lucas, do you understand
    the charges against
    you?,” the judge asked. “Yes,
    I understand,” Lucas answered
    via an interpreter.
    The judge ordered that
    Lucas return on Feb. 3 for
    pretrial and on Feb. 16 for
    trial and that his $250,000
    bond remains the same.
    Lucas was arrested on
    Nov. 18 after the Nashville
    Police Department “received
    a report from Crimes Against
    Children regarding a possible
    rape of a 12-year-old
    female,” according to a press
    release issued by Nashville
    Investigator Larry Marion.
    During interviews with
    the victim, investigators
    learned that Lucas had been
    having sexual intercourse
    with her. The 12-year-old
    victim told investigators that
    Lucas would video them having
    sexual intercourse with
    his cell phone.
    “On Nov. 23, Howard
    County Investigator Blake
    Eudy, Nashville Assistant
    Chief Amy Marion, and
    Nashville Investigator Larry
    Marion executed a search
    warrant at 1216 Mine St. #87
    in Nashville. During the execution
    of the search warrant
    evidence was collected that
    corroborated the 12-year-old
    victim’s claims. Lucas was
    arrested at the residence
    and transported to Howard
    County Jail.” Lucas was also
    found to be in possession of
    a counterfeit Texas Driver’s
    License with his photograph,
    but someone else’s name,
    the press release adde

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