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From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

I got corrected from last
weeks work of art about “
not pledging alligiance in
We do, in fact recite the
Pledge of Allegiance in EVERY
building at Nashville.
Thats what I get for listening
to coffee shop talk
without double checking
the” facts.”
In other words;I took
ignernt, and you might call
me ;’Yignernt.”
Going forward,
The Arkansas Dept of
Education is currently
running ads on the radio
attempting to recruit
teachers,especially those
of us with an education
degree who chose to enter
another field.You get the
feeling there is a demand
for some maturity in the
ranks Not that our current
line up of teachers are not
mature- you just get the
feeling after hearing about
behavior challenges, and
the fact that mom and
“Dad” wont allow precious
to be disciplined- that,it
takes a mellow individual
to teach,raise our kids, and
withstand the comments
from the grandstand; and
not paddle mommy dearest..
I believe it takes a special
individual, and that
teaching is indeed a calling.
Lots of our teachers
are retiring and many of
them, especially Ag, and
Science teachers are being
recruited by corporations.
Allow me to tell yall
why I did not and do not
intend to teach.Back in
‘80,I student taught at
Dierks High School.We
had a lot of fun,then, and
the students and I had a
great relationship,it was
the parents who convinced
me that maybe i’d better
“go mature some, before I
teach school.”
So,I went to the oilfield
and never returned to
school.Probably for the
best, too.i dont think im
smart enough to take on
the new curriculum,and
keep my grade point at a
3 point- escpecially since
I never,ever, made a 3
point!Wonder if they need
a janitor?
And, with that I bid you
Viya Con Dios.
“Living on a lighted
stage approaches the unreal,
for those who think, and
feel.’”The Gilded Age,Rush
“Joy is heightened by
the contrast of torment,
as the black background of
a picture makes the white
or red srand out more
clearly.”Pope St Gregory
6th Century
P.S. Hats off to Republican
candidate Texan Ted
Cruz for exposing the moderators
on the CNBC Presidential