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This Thanksg iving; Beef


From The Barnyard
by Mike Graves

We cow folks have had it
pretty good the last year, and
purchasers of red meat have
taken it on the chin. Burgers
and brisket prices drove
some folks to eaten lower on
the food chain. Chicken and
pork have been promoted
over beef, but until now few
were paying much attention
to turkey.
We saw a market segment
about turkey prices
which coincided with the
upcoming Thanksgiving, and
“the cost of turkey is drastically
higher, due to the large
numbers of birds dead from
Avian Influenza, and the vast
numbers of destroyed flocks
infected with the disease.”
I predict, the price won’t
be “drastically higher.”And,
there will be no shortage of
Food purveyors already
have record tons of beef in
cold storage, and there’s
plenty of chicken and ham
to go around. Grocers will
reduce their profit margins
and aggressively move lots
of turkey, chicken and ham
– the result will be some big
discounts on red meat cuts.
Yes, smoked turkey can be
excellent, and the trimmings
at our house are awesome,
but there’s a reason more
hamburgers are served on
black Friday than any other
time during the holidays –
nothing satisfies like beef.
It might be a good opportunity
to put some beef
in the freezer, along with
charbroiling some delicious,
nutritious beef for you and
yours this Thanksgiving.
And with that, I’d like to
give thanks to y’all for giving
me a few minutes of your
day. May God bless each of
you with a healthy, prosperous,
red-meated holiday
Let’s end with President
Ronald Reagan’s favorite
There was a Republican
campaigning in a very rural,
yellow dog Democrat area
who stopped at a farm house
and asked the farmer for
his vote. The farmers jaw
dropped when the candidate
informed him he was
a Republican. “How about
I go get my wife and some
neighbors and you can give
us a speech?”
The crowd gathered, the
candidate looked around for
a podium, but only found a
pile of horse manure to give
his speech from.
After the speech, the
farmer said, “That’s the first
time I’ve heard a Republican
The Republican candidate
replied, “And that’s
the first time I’ve given a
Republican speech from a
Democrat platform.”
“Thanks for the memories,
of things I can’t forget.
How lucky I’ve been, and I
thank you! My Friend.” Bob
Ps 48:1

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