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Salary increase approved for Mineral Springs Police


MINERAL SPRINGS – A resolution
to increase the salary
of Mineral Springs patrolmen
was passed Monday night at a
special session of the Mineral
Springs City Council.
Resolution 15-59, which
would increase the salary of
patrolmen of Mineral Springs
up to $30,000, per experience
and certifications was heard
by the board. A motion was
made by council member
Rex Woodley to institute the
resolution. It was seconded
by council member Vera
Marks. The resolution passed
unanimously 4-0.
Resolution 15-60 was also
considered by the board. It
would increase the allocation
allowed to the Howard
County Jail to $20,000 per
year. Councilman Steve Dixon
motioned to adopt the resolution,
and was seconded by
Charles Deloney. The resolution
passed the council with
a vote of 4-0.
An increase in salaries
for city employees was discussed,
but no motion was
made for it. Possible bonuses
for full time employees will be
considered in July 2016 by the
council. Present at the meeting
was Mayor Bobby Tullis,
Council Members Charles
Deloney, Steve Dixon, Vera
Marks, Rex Woodley, and
City Recorder/Treasurer April

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