MS City Council gets new fire truck


    Jonathan Canaday
    Southwest Arkansas Radio
    The Mineral Springs City Council has
    approved the purchase of a new medical
    fire truck. Fire Chief Chris Hostetler says
    the purchase is needed because the town
    has been using an old ambulance vehicle
    that requires constant maintenance. The
    council approved the purchase of a Ford
    one ton f350 cab chassis 4 wheel at a cost
    of around $27,000. Mayor Bobby Tullis
    said that the city feels comfortable taking
    at least $15,000 from Act 833 funding, with
    little cost to the general fund. A bed and
    cabinets will also be needed to get the
    truck ready. Hostetler said it will be about
    ninety days after the purchase, before it
    will be delivered.
    In other business discussed during a
    Monday meeting, Mineral Springs council
    members reviewed the 2016 city budget
    proposal. As part of that, the council approved
    a $500 Christmas bonus for each
    city employee, the fire chief, and city
    recorder/treasurer. Mayor Tullis said a
    recent legislative audit outlined several
    things the city needed to include in future
    budgets and that for the first time ever, this
    proposal included a water/sewer department
    “Even with modest increases, that
    section is projecting a $14,000 deficit
    for next year. That will be covered with
    funding from the city general account.”
    The mayor says the general fund is very
    healthy and that the city
    will pay off a fire truck if
    the budget is approved.
    He also said the sales tax
    figures have been decent in
    recent months. This budget
    proposal does not include
    any carry over funds from
    this year and projects that
    revenue will exceed expenditures
    by about fifty to sixty
    thousand dollars.
    Mayor Tullis announced
    that effective December 1,
    owners of large outstanding
    water/sewer debts will be
    sued in small claims court
    in Nashville. A list of about
    ten accounts has been identified
    with debts exceeding
    $150. Tullis says often times
    returning customers will use
    a different name to open a
    new account without paying
    outstanding bills. He hopes
    to recover some of the funds
    that have not been paid.
    “These are accounts that
    have already been charged
    late fees and that have been
    given multiple opportunities
    to pay. Often times these
    accounts are owned by individuals
    that have moved
    away from town.”
    Before adjourning the
    meeting, the council set a
    budget workshop for November
    16th at 5 p.m.

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