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From The Barnyard | Mike Graves
In this weeks Meatingplace.
com is an article called
“Overcoming the challenges
of Religious Slaughter.”
The article is a technical
article concerned with
the mechanics of Jewish
slaughter of animals to be
consumed by humans. According
to the publication,
“The animals throat is
cut, and the animal dies from
loss of blood.”
This form of slaughter,
practiced in exclusive
slaughter plants, is referred
to as “Kosher,” meaning “in
accordance with Jewish
Law.” When you eat Kosher
hot dogs, they are from cattle
slaughtered in this manner.
The traditional slaughter
plant of today must adhere
to strict humane procedures;
the animal travels
down a mechanized belt,
while every effort is made
to quiet the animals nervous
system before it is stunned
to death, by use of a metal
object shot into the skull, a
procedure that lasts on average
30 seconds.
You may wonder, in this
age when animals are idolized,
and placed above human
life, how Kosher slaughter
is still practiced, and the
Kosher plants have not been
bombed by animal rights
The answer, in part, is
the influence of The Anti
Defamation League which
protects, and defends the
practices of Jews, and the
Jewish faith. The ADL does
a superb job addressing
the concerns of the public,
and makes sure the kosher
side of the story is told; and
NOT told.
Y’all know how I feel
about animal rights extremists,
and how I hope they,
who would defame and even
harm food producers should
go without food. After reading
this article, and giving
some thought to the issue;
I believe I will refrain from
consuming Kosher animal
products. I will, however
defend the right of religions
to practice their beliefs, as
long as they do not infringe
on mine.
So, if your religion requires
you to come to my
door, and leave a pamphlet
explaining your interpretation
of the scriptures,maybe
you should leave me be,at
least during the Christmas
season. But, hey, God bless
you for trying.
“Thru the tears of October,
now that November is
over….this looks like a December
day. ”Willie Nelson,”
December Day
Heb 9:22

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