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JP’s vote to increase county millage; Increase passes with 6-3 vote


NASHVILLE – A countywide
millage increase of
personal and real estate
taxes occurred during the
monthly session of the Howard
County Quorum Court
on Monday.
County Treasurer Sheri
Mixon presented the court
with a preview about how
the county budget was shaping
up to look like for next
year. Mixon prefaced her
remarks about the budget
with the statement “It’s not
good.” The various offices
and services had turned in
their budgets for the upcoming
year, after they were all
totaled together, they would
come to $2,177,045, leaving
$161 in unincorporated
There are increases being
asked for in next years
budgets by several offices.
The Howard County Health
Department has an increase
of $6,650 in their budget for
next year, due to the State of
Arkansas cutting funding for
some services.
Next year is also an
election year, meaning the
county will face an $57,000
increase in spending to perform
the required election
Justice of the Peace Dick
Wakefield started the discussion
about the possibility of
raising the millage rate. He
then made a motion to raise
the millage rate from 2.6 mils
to 3.6 mils. JP Kerry Strasner
seconded the motion.
The court then voted.
The motion passed 6-3, with
JP’s Archie “Cotton” Cothren,
Bobby Don Turner,
Jerry Harwell, David Mauk,
Wakefield and Strasner voting
yes. JP’s Martha Hobbs,
Janice Huffman, and Brent
Pinkerton voted against the
increase. All three opposing
JP’s felt it would be better to
seek a month long extension
on levying millages.
Also covered during the
session was Ordinance 2015-
15, which dealt with the
levying of taxes for 2016 in
Howard County. Aside from
the previously voted
upon raising of the millage
rate, no other changes
were made for the upcoming
year. Also present during
this month’s session were
County Judge Kevin Smith,
Circuit Clerk Angie Lewis,
Tax Assessor Debbie Teague,
Sheriff Bryan McJunkins,
County Attorney Aaron Brasel,
assistant County Clerk
Keri Teague, and administrative
assistant Cookie Buice.

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