Dierks mourns loss of Main Avenue business owner


    News Staff
    DIERKS – Ronnie Kesterson, owner of Ron’s
    Barber Shop on Main Avenue in Dierks, died
    Fri., Nov. 27 at Baptist Health Medical Center
    in Little Rock (See obituary on page 3).
    Kesterson was a 1963 graduate of Dierks
    High School and attended barber school in
    Little Rock.
    After completing barber school, he worked
    for one year at the Little Rock Airport and one
    year at Mack’s Barber Shop in Hot Springs
    before returning to Dierks. Upon returning
    home, he bought what was to become Ron’s
    Barber Shop from David Stapp.
    Stapp’s father, Willie, also a barber, worked
    for a while in the shop with Ronnie until his
    [Willie’s] health failed. After Willie left, Ronnie
    ran the shop by himself until his brother, Bob,
    retired from the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.
    After Bob’s retirement, he worked
    one day a week at Ron’s and filled in other
    times when Ronnie was unable to be in the
    Kesterson’s wife, Sharon, was told by
    someone on Sunday that
    Ronnie had cut hair for five
    generations of her family.
    There are probably many
    families in the Dierks and
    surrounding area that have
    similar stories. Appointments
    at Ron’s Barber Shop
    were not necessary. In fact,
    an appointment was difficult
    to make as Kesterson never
    saw the need to have a telephone
    in the shop.
    Kesterson was blessed
    with the gift of being able to
    find something in common
    with almost anyone and
    converse with them. When
    he would ask you, “How are
    you?,” he truly wanted to
    know and cared and when
    he told you to “Have a good
    day,” he hoped you had one.
    Kesterson had a smile so
    bright that it lit up his eyes
    and he shared one with everyone
    he met.
    Friends and fellow business
    owners reflect on Kesterson:
    David E. Young: “I’ve
    known Ronnie for over 50
    years. As far as I know, he
    didn’t have a single enemy.
    He was a good neighbor
    and friend. The world could
    use a lot more Ronnie Kestersons.”
    June Pinson, owner of
    JJ’s Market: “I’m gonna miss
    him big time. He was a good
    Lynn Ward, owner of Raven’s
    Flower & Gift Shop:
    “Saying Ronnie was a ‘good
    man’ isn’t good enough. He
    was a very kind, soft spoken
    man with a golden heart and
    hardworking hands. Very
    much a family man even to
    many that were only family
    in his heart. Always full
    of love and laughter, never
    without a smile, encouraging
    words and positive
    thoughts. He gave to all but
    best of all he was a Godly
    man. One who proved himself
    well. Our community will
    be forever changed without
    him. He left some mighty big
    shoes to fill. To put it quite
    simply, he one of the best of
    the best. Fly high my friend,
    fly high. You’ll wear those
    wings well.”
    Dierks Mayor Terry
    Mounts: “The world is full of
    barbers and then you had
    Ronnie Kesterson. He was
    a unique and good man. If
    you ever had the pleasure of
    watching him give a little one
    his first haircut, it was magical
    how he could make them
    unafraid. He was a great man
    and will be missed.”
    Gary Pinkerton, owner of
    Pinkerton Financial Services:
    “Ronnie was more than a
    barber, he was a person that
    would listen, a very patient
    and caring man. I will miss
    him greatly.”