Tollette’s favorite daughter to be inducted into Little Rock HoF


    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – Comedienne, actress, and Tollette
    native Luenell will be inducted into a Little Rock hall of fame
    this weekend.
    Luenell will be inducted into the Black Hall of Fame along
    with six other inductees. HoF Co-Chair Charles Stewart
    said that inductees are meant to inspire Arkansas’s African
    American community.
    “Well, I’m more than honored…shocked, actually,” the
    Hollywood actress said in an exclusive interview. She added
    that this is an honor not only for herself, but for her family as
    well. Luenell is the last of eight children and credits that as the
    reason she went into the entertainment business initially 25
    years ago. “My whole family is funny…it’s a defense mechanism
    and a coping mechanism.” She said that entertaining
    her mass crowds on a weekly basis across the country is just “something I like to do.”
    Luenell described herself
    as “Hollyhood rather than
    Hollywood.” One glance at
    Luenell and you’ll never forget
    her long, colorful nails,
    her raspy voice and short
    blonde hair. She is also
    known for her breakthrough
    role the blockbuster comedy
    of 2006 “Borat.”
    Luenell had an amazing
    2012 with appearances
    in three #1 feature films
    – “Think Like A Man” with
    Arielle Kebell and Meagan
    Good, 3D animated hit
    “Hotel Transylvania” with
    Adam Sandler, and “Taken
    2” with Liam Neeson. She
    also starred in the hilarious
    comedy “That’s My Boy” with
    Adam Sandler and Leighton
    Meester. “Hotel Transylvania
    2” was the Number 1 movie
    in America last month and
    she said she is “very proud
    of that.”
    The induction ceremony
    will be held Sat., Oct. 17 at
    the Mosaic Templar’s Cultural
    Center in Little Rock.
    Luenell was born in her
    grandfather’s house in Tollette
    and often reminisces
    on all of the gatherings and
    listening to old school music
    such as Johnnie Taylor and
    the Isley Brothers while in
    Tollette. “I enjoy being in
    Tollette and not having good
    phone service, and sharing
    one house with all of my
    “I have visions of a lot of
    things that I want but being
    acknowledged by my birth
    state means more than anyone
    will ever know. This is
    my Oscar, my Tony’s and my
    Luenell offered some
    advice to those seeking a
    career in the entertainment
    business: “You have to leave
    [home] if what you want to
    do is not being offered where
    you are. I didn’t make it in
    Tollette. I went to Hollywood
    and came back to Tollette
    and brought legendary singers
    like Michel’le and Lenny
    Williams to the Tollette
    Homecoming. You can start
    there but, ultimately, you’ll
    have to get out. “
    In her free time, Luenell
    enjoys studying Dari – the
    Western Persian language.
    Her longtime bodyguard,
    Alex, teaches her about his
    Persian culture and the language.
    Some of the films Luenell
    has starred in include:
    So I Married an Axe Murderer
    The Rock (1996)
    Never Die Alone (2004)
    So Fresh, So Clean… a
    Down and Dirty Comedy
    Borat: Cultural Learnings
    of America for Make Benefit
    Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
    Divine Intervention (2007)
    American Hustle (2007)
    The Hustle (2008)
    Spring Breakdown (2009)
    All About Steve (2009)
    Head Case (2009)
    35 and Ticking (2011)
    Budz House (2011)
    Think Like a Man (2012)
    That’s My Boy (2012)
    C’mon Man (2012)
    Taken 2 (2012) – Driving
    Mac & Devin Go to High
    School (2012)
    Hotel Transylvania (2012)
    Think Like a Man Too
    School Dance (2014)
    Hotel Transylvania 2
    The Comedian’s Guide to
    Survival (2016)
    Nash Bridges (1996)
    The Tracy Morgan Show
    Hey Luenell (2009); TV
    The Tony Rock Project
    Californication (2009)
    The Boondocks (2010)
    Laugh Out Loud Comedy
    Festival (2011)
    Funny or Die Presents
    The Middle (2011)
    Breaking In (2011)
    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    Comedy Underground
    Snoop Dogg Presents: The
    Bad Girls of Comedy (2012);
    TV film
    DTLA (2012)

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