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Dear Mike Graves,
Before I get started, I’ll tell you who I am. My name is
Jason Horn; you may know me as one of the Webb grand
children. You and my uncle (the late) Buddy Webb were
close friends.
Like most good folks in Howard County I grew up reading
The Nashville News, and look forward to reading it still. As
I’ve grown older I find myself reading more than the Scrapper
articles. Over the last few years, I’ve had the chance
to read your beliefs in your “Barnyard” column. That goes
double this week as I read and reflected on your article
titled “Joe Walsh, Sober.” Allow me to explain.
Growing up in Smalltown USA, we sometimes look for
escape from our boring lives and I took that to the next level
more than once in a grocery store parking lot.
After surviving some wild nights of my youth, I went on
to become a husband, father, and productive member of
my community. I had life by the horns by my mid 30’s, and
hadn’t even had so much as a glass of wine since my mid
twenties; then I was introduced to my downfall;” Meth.”
Now, I sit in prison at 42, and wonder if I will ever get
back to the man God intended me to be.
For the most part, when people are locked up, we are
out of sight and out of mind, then upon our return we are
looked at as a crime waiting to happen.
My childhood friend, Laci Greene wears a bracelet for
me that says, ”Every saint has a past and every sinner has
a future.”After reading your article, I know that this isn’t
just a motto for someone to sell a braclet. I thank you for
believing we are not all a lost cause and are offered a chance
at redemption. And, I thank the good lord for creating the
Mike Graves of the world.
So, again I thank you and say keep the columns coming.
From one NHS grad to another,’go Scrappers.”
Sincerely, Jason Horn

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