HCCC annual audit report discussed at meeting


    NASHVILLE – The results of the annual
    audit report was the primary topic of discussion
    at the Howard County Children’s
    Center Board of Directors meeting on
    Christine Hassler and Chris Patterson
    of the accounting firm Mallory and Associates
    presented the 2015 audit to the
    board. Hassler started off the discussion
    by stating that the financial position
    of Howard County Children’s Center is
    clean. All the changes in net assets and
    cash flows for the year were in accordance
    with generally accepted accounting
    Patterson then went on to say that it
    was a good year for HCCC. $148,000 in
    debt was paid off during the current year.
    There was also a $250,000 increase in net
    assets for the program, as compared to
    last year.
    The recycling center showed a loss of
    $43,413 on the year, but did perform better
    than last year, Patterson stated. There
    was about a $100,000 increase in donations
    to HCCC, when compared to this
    time last year. HCCC has a very minimal
    amount of debt and overall, financially,
    HCCC looks great. Hassler stated.
    The audit was unanimously accepted
    by the board.
    The board also considered the approval
    of new standards of exit criteria
    for the Center. Board member Jimmy
    Dale said that the proposed criteria was
    essentially common sense, and shouldn’t
    be hard to follow. The board all agreed,
    and passed the standards unanimously.
    Tim Freel gave a report on the upcoming
    events for HCCC.
    Freel stated that the Recycling center
    is doing well, and that the addition was
    much needed and has been well used
    since it was added. A new classroom
    was added in work activity, and 3 1 hour
    classes have been added.
    Buck Clemons presented the financial
    report, and stated that HCCC is doing
    well, and is showing a current profit of
    Ken Young presented an overview of
    how the annual Tyson sponsored golf
    tournament went. Sponsorships were
    a little higher than previous years, and
    this year would definitely be considered
    a success, stated Young.
    The next upcoming fund raiser for
    HCCC will be the annual bass fishing
    tournament, which will be held on April
    9, 2016.

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