Howard County Museum restoration efforts increasing


    NASHVILLE – Restoration
    work on the Howard County
    Museum has expanded to several
    projects and local residents
    will start to see some major
    changes to the exterior of the
    building. Howard County Historical
    Society President Freddie
    Horne says the work is part
    of a $20,000 grant received
    from the Arkansas Department
    of Heritage. Volunteers have
    completed putting primer on
    two sides of the building and
    are in the process of rebuilding
    a section of the Bell Tower wall
    and replacing damaged siding.
    Horne says there has been
    some concern about the colors
    of primer being used. “We have
    been using both tan and white
    primer. Once the building is
    ready to be painted, the original
    colors of light yellow with a
    barn red trim will be used.”
    The museum has been inspected
    by both an architect and two different foundation
    companies, including Olshan Foundation
    Repair and Cornerstone
    Foundation Repair of Arkadelphia,
    who determined that the
    former church is structurally
    sound. The building foundation
    did meet approval, however one
    additional beam structure will be
    added under part of the floor to
    help with stabilization. The west
    floor beams have previously been
    replaced with treated lumber
    and will not need to be replaced.
    “The architect determined that
    pressure caused by the old wood
    burning stove flue caused part of
    the misalignment in the west wall.
    The stove and flue was removed
    several years ago and that side of
    the building has also been found
    stable,” Horne said. All of the seals
    along the west wall have been replaced
    with treated lumber. Horne
    says the findings are great news.
    “The historical society will save
    thousands of dollars because the
    foundation is in good shape.”
    Work has started on the east
    side of the museum, including the
    bell tower. Bad sections of siding
    are being replaced and extra studs
    will be added to a damaged section
    of the tower. A new door has
    been installed at the rear entrance.
    Exterior scraping and priming will
    continue. Other projects have
    included removing old wiring
    and cleaning out the attic. Plans
    are to install new wiring through
    out the building and install a 200
    amp breaker system that meets
    current electrical code. Interior
    work has been put on hold at this
    time to take advantage of the good
    weather needed for exterior wall
    repair. Local craftsmen have been
    contacted about other repairs need
    on the Gothic trim.
    Horne says one of the last item
    to be addressed with grant funding
    will be the museum’s windows. To
    keep them from being damaged
    while making exterior repairs and
    painting, new windows will not
    be installed until all other exterior
    work has been completed. Several
    residents have donated money
    to have the windows replaced.
    Sponsorship of a new heat and air
    system is being sought.
    Membership forms can be
    picked up at the radio station or by
    contacting board members Freddie
    Horne, Scott Horne, Jonathan
    Canaday or Susan Nannemann.
    The annual membership is $20 per
    person or $50 for an entire family.
    Donations and memorials may be
    made to the Howard County Historical
    Society, which is a non profit
    organization, at HCHS, PO Box 555,
    Nashville, AR 71852. Your support
    is greatly appreciated

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