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Early Files for the week of October 26, 2015


119 years ago: 1896
There were in the state
penitentiary September 17,
1896 951 convicts, divided
as follows: Whites 287; Negroes
662; Indians 2. The following
statistics have been
furnished by superintendent
of Public Instruction Jordan
relative to their educational
Whites can read and write
Whites cannot read or
write 84
Negroes can read and
write 231,
Negroes cannot read and
write 431
Indians can read and
write 1,
Indians cannot read and
write 1
(Adv.) Ice, Ice, Ice A carload
of ice just received at
the Nashville Bottling Works.
100 pounds and upwards 1c
per lb. 20 to 100 pounds 1
1/2 cents per lb. less than 20
pounds 2c per pound
109 years ago: 1906
On last Wednesday W.S.
Leslie of Bingen, broke the
record for cotton picking
in this section, picking 512
pounds, and on Friday Reginal
Turquett, the six-year-old
son of W. Turquett, established
a juvenile record by
picking 112 pounds.
John W. Huddleston has
found another diamond on
his property in Pike County.
This makes four diamonds
found by Mr. Huddleston
recently, and the
last is said to be the finest
of the lot.
He is holding the stone
for the people who own the
option on his land. Several
times in the past practical
miners have prospected the
locality, and all have agreed
that gold exists there in paying
(Adv.) For pictures of
babies and children go to
Eli Hord. He will please you.
Also, a specialty enlarging
old pictures.
76 years ago: 1939
Surprising political observers
and others who were
watching the effect of the
new poll tax law, there were
351,094 Arkansans paid their
poll taxes before the close of
the season for paying. The
new law moved the date up
from June 15 to October 1.
(Adv.) Black Leaf “Cap-
Brush” roost applicator.
Saves 3/4 of delousing costs.
Roost applicator delouses
four times as many birds as
the old paint brush method.
26 years ago: 1989
Charlie Porter of Mineral
Springs is enjoying his finest
year in drag racing, and he’s
got a state championship in
the super pro class to prove
it. Earning $7,000 in winnings,
he has six wins at four
separate tracks this year.
On October 15, he fought
through six rounds of competition
and a field of 60-64
cars to win the Arkansas
State Championship race
at Prescott Raceway. For
the win, he earned $2,500, a
trophy and a $100 gift certificate.
His name was drawn
also to win an Alston chassis
worth $500.
For the past 10 years,
Porter has been driving his
1967 Chevrolet Camaro and
perfecting his talent. In his
car, named “Lady Killer II,”
he covered 1,000 feet in 8.61
seconds to win the title at
120 mph.
Porter is a 1973 graduate
of Mineral Springs High
School, runs Porter’s Auto
during the week and tries to
spend Saturday and Sunday
at the raceway.
With the help from his
wife, Becky, and 12-yearold
daughter, Sarah, he’s
been successful. He has
won three times at Prescott
and once each at tracks in
Hallsville, TX., Paris, TX. and
“Luck is important,” the
34-year-old Porter said Friday.
“But you make your own
luck. I guess I’ve just been
more determined this year.”

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