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Compiled by Patsy Young

119 years ago: 1896
If the weather permits
a bulletin board will be put
up on the street and all election
news will be written on
it. If the weather is bad the
board will be put in a building
where all the crowd, may
be accommodated.
The election returns
will begin coming in by 10
o’clock and quite a crowd is
expected from Centre Point,
Mineral Springs, Bingen,
Corinth and other places.
(Adv.) The White Star
is a first class farm wagon,
painted in deep colors, and
made of the best material,
1 1-2 x 5-8 tire on 2 1-2 and
23-4 wagons. The White Star
is guaranteed to last 3 years
longer than any wagon that
has a 1-2 inch tire. Rector
Store Co.
109 years ago: 1906
A meeting of the Presbyterian
congregation was
held in this city Thursday
night, for the transaction
of business. Among other
things done was the ratification
of the purchase of the
church building in this city
from the Northern Church,
which deal was made by
Rev. S. L. Hogan and Rev.
A. B. C. Dinwiddie, the latter
acting for the Northern
Church, subject to ratification
by the local congregation.
It has been practically
decided to let the building
remain where it is, and to
make repairs on it, instead
of moving it to another site.
(Adv.) Get Shaved, Palace
Barber Shop and Bath
House under new management.
Everything up-tonow.
Hot and cold baths.
Good work and polite attention
guaranteed. In Post
Office Building, Nashville,
Ark. J. H. West, Proprietor
76 years ago: 1939
Word has been received
by relatives here that Florence
Knox, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Knox of Hot
Springs and granddaughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Asa J. Forgy
of the Center Community,
made the highest score
in the Freshman English
examination at the opening
of school at Texas State College
for Women at Denton,
Texas. Miss Knox’s score
was 233 points out of a possible
247. Only two other
students made above 200.
(Adv.) Showing at the
Liberty Theatre, Friday and
Saturday, Gene Autry in
“Mexicali Rose” with Smiley
26 years ago: 1989
Andrea G. Sweeden of
Nashville has been selected
as a member of the Outstanding
College Students
of America. Sweeden is the
daughter of Dallas and Gail
Sweeden and granddaughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Toliver
and the late Jim and Etta
Sweeden. She is a Nashville
High School graduate.
The Nashville News
Howard County Player of
the week is Chris Hickey, a
140-pound junior for Mineral
Springs, who carried
his team to a victory over
a strong Horatio club, 12-7
last week. His performance
under the pressure of a
tough Lion defense helped
keep the Hornets undefeated
in District 7A-West

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