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Calling All Beef Purveyors


Mike Graves- From the Barnyard

The ranchers here in
southwest Arkansas need
a little help today,from
cafes,restaurants and
anyone involved in the
promoting,cooking or serving
You see, we didn’t pay
attention when they started
promoting pulled pork,and
buttermilk fried chicken
sandwiches, and other non
red meat items. We just
knew we produced the best
product and counted on
grocers and cafes to deal
with the escalating price of
our product.
And, we reluctantly paid
record prices for heifers and
momma cows. With a good
hay inventory and relatively
cheap feed,we believed we
would pay off the notes that
took our breath away.
Today, with the biggest
30 day decline in the market
since mad cow, we need to
move some meat. The only
way to do this, is for grocers
and food vendors to offer
deep discounts on a variety
of red meat cuts thru-out
the winter.
And, if you’re not convinced
this red ink is for real,
consider this; Thursday,
lean grinding beef sold for an
average of 2;70/lbs. Today
that same product sells for
246;22$ – the largest one day
drop in price in 30 years, according
to cattlerange.com
This ain’t steak either,
y’all, this is burgers, meatloaf
and chili.
With our economy still
in the tank – (and, quit lying
to us about how great our
economy is, government
bum, just because your tax
paid position got refunded
and you got a raise doesn’t
mean the rest of us working
stiffs did, now shut-up and
go back to the water cooler),
few consumers will enjoy
steak this week-end.
In fact, most of us will
either spend the weekend
partying, committing crime,
and sleeping, while the rest
of us will work a double shift
to pay for their lifestyle, and
their poor kids.
And, that’s about all the
joy I can bring today-enjoy
your free government
phones and have a bright,
shiny day, full of government
benefits and entitlements,
and don’t worry, someone,
somewhere will take care of
the debts our grand kids will
owe China.
“You fill these halls with
things of gold while handing
crumbs to the old, and poor,
and then you preach about
being pure – and wonder
why we’re laughing.
Hope Livestock Auction
PO Box 213 • Hope
Sale Every Thursday @ 12:00
Private Sales Daily (870) 777-4451
Darrell Ford | (870) 703-7046

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