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Black Nosed Vultures


Mike Graves | The Nashville News

According to The Arkansas
Gazette Oct. 11th
article on “buzzards,”
Black nosed vultures
have gone from a rare
species to a very common
species, seen year
around. We’re not talking
about turkey buzzards
with the red beak,
we’re talking about the
protected, aggressive,
calf killer; the “Black Vulture.”
There are currently
large numbers of them
here, awaiting your calf
According to globally
respected animal scientist
Dr. Tom Troxxel, the
vultures attack newborn
calves, pecking out their
eyes, causing them to
go in to shock, and then
eaten alive by the black
Forrest Wood of Flippin,
Angus rancher
and founder of Ranger
boats,says “the answer
to the problems Black
Vultures create is eradication.”
The problem is, these
aggressive killers are
protected under the Migratory
Bird Treaty Act,
and can’t be legally killed
without permission from
the Federal government.
According to the article,
Mr. Wood got such
a permit from USDA, Animal
and Plant Health
Inspection Service near
Stuttgart, and is preceding
with eradicating the
vultures on his ranch.
Sounds like eradication
might be a good
idea, as long as someone
doesn’t claim one as a
pet, and take the ranchers
who would eradicate
them to court. Uh hum.
That’s all for this week,
may the good Lord bless,
and keep ye.
“If good fortune makes
friends for you, ill fortune
makes enemies, for sure.
”Chaucer 14th century
“After dreaming sublime,
refreshed before
the climb, we smile…..
and are gone.” ”Place of
Dreams,” IABD
“The wicked flee when
no man persueth.’ Prov

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