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A Question of Legitimacy


From the Barnyard
Mike Graves

There were unfounded
rumors on local facebook
last week regarding some
school matters. Predictably,
the rumors spread beyond
facebook and we got phone
calls here at The Nashville
Why they called us to
confirm facebook crap is
beyond me. We have a facebook
here, but we don’t
really indulge in opinions or
gossip. There lies the danger
of facebook; considering it a
source of news, when, it is no
more credible than teachers’
lounge gossip.
Facebook was a way for
two long lost friends to reconnect;
it has now become
the source of knowledge for
a generation of people who
don’t take the time to read.
Anywho, we, the archaic,
dying, unsexy fuddy duddys
that folk like to badmouth,
were the ones the authorities
needed to tell the truth
when the bad-mouthing got
plumb out of hand.
I wonder who they will
turn to when (if) the newspapers
are all gone, and we rely
on people for information
with nothing more to do than
stare down at their phones
while we dodge them in
traffic, and wait on them in
check-out lines.
The same thing we will
do, when all these johnny
come lately authorities on
food and nutrition get their
bubbles busted when they
face health issues brought
about by following their
own unproven dietary and
lifestyle advice.
We will be forced to go
to a credible source of information,
unswayed by
emotionalism and human
drama. (By the way, we’ve
noticed out here in reality
land, that the facebook commentators
who say, “I hate
drama, but….”, are the very
individuals who live for the
drama and negativity.)
Of course I am biased,
newspapers have put beans
on my table and allowed me
to get paid for visiting with
yall. Life is good. God bless
us all, even the bubble heads
who start facebook folly.
PS. I was reminded at
The Hickory House table of
knowledge that we no longer
recite the pledge of allegiance
at our public schools.
Therefore, by the power
vested in me, in honor of the
men who fought the wars;
“I pledge allegiance, to
the flag of the United States
of America.
And to the Republic, for
which it stands.
One nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and
justice for all.”
“Stand up for The Flag and
lets all ring The Liberty Bell!!”
– Merle Haggard
“Blessed are the peacemakers”
– Jesus Christ

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