Look youth needs help with Autism dog


    AydenMilamAyden Milam fills his parents’ days with singing, with his high pitch noises, rocking, spinning, and flapping of his arms as he dances his way around their home. Days filled with love and so much compassion. But he also faces challenges every day, which cause him fear and anxiety that he doesn’t understand.
    Ayden is mostly unable to talk. He knows a few words but usually cannot get them out. Despite all of his difficulties, Ayden is a fun loving and very energetic little boy. But socially he has trouble going places because of the noises.  Like traffic noise and humming noises from lights at the stores. Different pitches or tones cause his little ears to hurt. The overwhelmed feeling when too many people are around. Anxiety and fear set in to cause mayhem in his little mind.
    Things that are easy for other kids is very difficult for him such as getting a haircut, going potty, or getting dressed. All the little things that most of us don’t even think about because it just comes natural to us.
    As his parents, Linda and Benny, step out their front door with his hand in theirs, he sees so much adventure just waiting for him to explore. With every little tug and pull, their hands grip tighter to his. You see, he knows no danger. To him it is all to explore. When at the store, he wants to see more. He doesn’t mean to wander but to him it’s an adventure.
    These are some of the reasons the Milam family started searching for things to help their son. It was then they found the service dog organization 4 Paws For Ability. 4 Paws For Ability helps families obtain a trained service dog to meet numerous needs for special needs children and wounded warriors who have lost limbs or hearing. These dogs are trained to meet the needs of the people they are trained for so they can live more independent lives.
    Ayden will receive an Autism Assistance Dog that is trained in behavior disruption, which will help with his meltdowns, anxiety, and fears. The dog will also be trained in tethering, which means he will be attached to the dog to keep him from wandering away. The most important task is tracking, which is to find him quickly if he were to get away from his parents. Peace of mind. Comfort and a non-judgmental friend. And life-saving.
    Mom, Linda, notes, “Having an Autism dog is one of the best things we can give our son to help him live a more comfortable level of independence.”
    The training for a service dog costs $22,000 or more per dog. Each dog is trained for each person’s needs. This is no easy task. It takes 18 months for the training. Before Ayden can get a service dog for his needs, his family is volunteering to raise $15,000 for the organization 4 Paws For Ability. This will qualify him for a free service dog.
    4 Paws For Ability is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
    If you can help us with a tax-deductible donation, please visit the 4 Paws Donation Page (http://www.4PawsForAbility.org/donate-now). Include Ayden’s name in the “instructions to merchant” through PayPal. Donations can also be made by mailing a check with Ayden’s name on the memo line to:
    4 Paws for Ability
    In Honor of Ayden Milam
    253 Dayton Ave.
    Xenia, OH 45385

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