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Laboring on Labor Day


Labor Day!
I don’t know about y’all, but at our house Labor Day, like most other holidays, is a day to catch up on all the things that we have been promising to do since before the last holiday.
I remember an episode of Married with Children where the Bundys celebrated Labor Day. Well, at least Al celebrated the holiday. He proclaimed that it was a holiday for the working man and since he was the only member of his family to work then he got the day off. Everyone else catered to his every whim as he enjoyed his one true day off during the year.
Now, I’m not going to debate the history or reasons behind the holiday. I will leave that to those infinitely more qualified than I. What I will do is accept that as a working man, who is married to a working woman, we are still looking for somebody who is willing to fulfill our wishes on this special day.
We got up early Monday and made our way to Caddo Gap Baptist Church to do some yard work. I can hear all the jokes about pastors and work rolling off your tongues.
As a pastor of a small country church you do what you have to do. What I had to do this week was clean up some dead shrubs along the edge of the church property.
Yes it was already getting hot and yes I forgot to bring gas so I had to make a trip into Glenwood.
However, if I had dived into said project when I promised I would it wouldn’t have been as hot.
You see just like you I get busy, and regardless of how good my intentions are, I still put things off. Well I put them off until I get a day off from my regular routine.
Now not all my day was spent working. We got to spend some time with our dogs and we got to eat dinner with the in-laws. I do have to admit that the aforementioned dinner did require my sister-in-law and her boyfriend to work as they fried catfish for the rest of us.
Could I have made better use of my day?
I’m sure I could have. Many of you make look at this week’s paper and say, “You could have been looking for some news!”
I’m sure I could have, but I am glad I spent the day the way I did.
The work wasn’t really work. I got to play with my chainsaw spend the day with my beautiful wife. The fish was good and the dessert (made by my wife) was delicious.
I would have enjoyed spending some time with our kids, but the time spent with the dogs was a good substitute.
And for those of you critics, I did find time last night to write a few stories about last week’s victories on the gridiron by our Mount Ida Lions.
Yep, it felt good to get a day off even if I had to spend some of it catching up on chores.
I’m just thankful I have a job that I can take a day off from every now and again.Especially when it is a job I love as much as this one.
Happy Labor Day!