Arrests made by PCSO in countywide thefts


    MURFREESBORhandcuffO — According to county police reports, the last few weeks in Pike County have proven to be a perilous time to be a criminal in Pike County Arkansas.
    Over the last several months, Pike County law enforcement agencies have been inundated with reports of residential burglaries and thefts, stimulating a massive response into the criminal activity.
    Since the beginning of the reports, aggressive investigations into the burglaries have been conducted. The investigations — led by Pike County Sheriff Charlie Caldwell, Chief Deputy David Shelby, and Detective Glen Hankins — proved fruitful with an initial arrest the first week of August. From that single arrest a second suspect was identified and subsequently arrested..
    Following the second arrest, a search of a local property in Murfreesboro resulted in evidence from a recent residential burglary connecting the two suspects to the crime.
    Additionally, two other individuals on the scene of the search were arrested on felony drug charges unrelated to the burglaries.
    Following the initial arrests and searches, investigators conducted multiple interviews with suspects and witnesses. Those interviews yielded information that directed investigators towards additional burglaries.
    While investigating the newly received information a third suspect was identified and with the arrest of the third suspect additional knowledge of the recent criminal activity was obtained.
    According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, with the procured information a residential burglary was not only discovered but solved before the victim was even aware of the theft.
    By August 17, 2015 six total criminals connected to multiple residential burglaries from around Pike County were in custody and others are still being sought in the ongoing investigation, with two felony drug arrests as icing on the investigative cake.
    All suspects are currently pending charges being filed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and will be further identified pending the the announcement of the official charges and conclusion of the investigation.
    At this time, the Pike County Sheriff’s Department continues to actively investigate multiple other burglaries countywide as well as other reports of criminal activity.
    Investigators request that anyone having knowledge of these or any other criminal activity to please call the Pike County Sheriff’s Department at (870) 285-3301.