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Compiled by Patsy Young

110 years ago: 1905
A chicken snake was killed on the premises of Chas. Womack Saturday, which was found to have swallowed a door knob, which it probably found in a hen nest, where they are frequently used for nest eggs. The iron part of the knob had protruded from the snake’s stomach until it dragged on the ground as it crawled.
The Confederate pension board for Howard County composed of Capt. G. W. Clark, J. A. Hughes and Maj. Willoughby Smith, has been in session this week. Practically all the matters were disposed of, Capt. Clark being directed by the other members to close up some of the detail work.
(Adv.) G. W. Matthews, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Tokio, Arkansas
76 years ago: 1939
The new invention is a portable air-cooling unit which resembles a portable radio set. It weighs only 35 pounds and can be carried from room to room. It operates when filled with water and plugged into an electric outlet.
Miss Virginia Buxton of Nashville is directing a pageant for the Highland District Peach Festival August 2. The pageant will be unusually impressive-that of “Nashville Yesterday, and Today”. Miss Buxton has requested that Pike County sponsor some form of feature advertising the diamonds.
46 years ago: 1969
Eldon L. “Butch” Hobbs of Dierks has signed a contract to teach and coach at Prescott this fall. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. I. E. “Bubby” Hobbs of Dierks.
Eldon received his Bachelor of Science in Education degree at Henderson State College at Arkadelphia and has started work on his master’s degree.
(Adv.) Every night this week at the cool Elberta Theatre, David O. Selznick’s “Gone With The Wind”, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, Olivia DeHavilland and Vivien Leigh in Technicolor
26 years ago: 1989
When Saratoga basketball star Jason Stewart was chosen to play for an AAU team that was headed to a national tournament, he found it hard to fit in. But now he said he’s got his eye on the action. “I’ve been accepted, and I’m enjoying myself now though.”
Stewart, along with his teammates on the North Little Rock Boys Club Stars, will compete in the week-long AAU/Carrier National Basketball Championships in Frankfort, Ky. that begins Saturday.
Jon Howard, son of Danny and Jacque Howard of Nashville was recently declared the state winner in the 1989 American Beekeeping Federation 4-H Essay contest. The topic for his essay was “Honey Bees and Your Health.”
Jon, whose keen interest in the 4-H entomology project prompted him to enter the essay contest, will receive a monetary prize from the American Bee Keeping Federation as well as a book on beekeeping.

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