Petty thefts mounting in Glenwood


    Money theft

    GLENWOOD – According to Glenwood Police Chief Randy Reid, locals should be aware of a ring on thefts currently ongoing in the city.
    “There have been a large number, for [Glenwood] anyway, of break-ins to people’s vehicles and a few houses.”
    Reid states that the thefts occur from unlocked vehicles and residences, and the offenders are largely stealing cash, but has included a few GPS systems and some other property from the residences and garages, such as leaf blowers and guns.
    “All of these have been a theft of convenience and opportunity … they are not [physically] breaking into the vehicles, they’re just opening the doors. The houses, are far as we can tell, we have not run across one yet they have actually broken in to,” said Reid.
    However, Reid did add that by law, illegal entry into a person’s property is the equivalent of breaking and entering, and he urges local residents to lock their vehicles and houses to help stifle the burglary ring until they are apprehended.
    “We’ve got 12-14 [people] that is doing most of this, like 90% of it, and we have some information we are working on, we’re checking out, some names, and we’ll see what happens, what turns up,” said Reid. “We’ve already has some of the stolen items turn up in connection to about three different people that are on our list.”
    Reid said most of the crimes were occurring “east of Broadway, north of 1st Street, all the way where it comes back into Broadway at Tennessee and 6th Street … that’s where the majority of the problem for the last 6-8 weeks [is occurring], but they have spread out now some, we recently had a theft on Hwy. 70.
    “If people would just lock everything up — lock your house up, definitely lock you vehicle – that will help greatly.”
    Reid also stressed vigilance by local citizens.
    “If you see anything – a bunch of people running around late at night, after midnight, they need to call. There shouldn’t be any reason for anyone under the age of 18 – because it is against curfew – to be out after midnight.”
    Reid made a few quips about the curfew in conclusion.
    “They’re going to be up to no good. Nothing good happens after midnight. We’ve got kids griping about there is nothing for them to do around here, well there’s definitely nothing to do – except get yourself in trouble – after midnight.”

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