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Former bank employee facing theft charges



MURFREESBORO—A former Bear State Bank employee is facing a class C felony charge of theft.
According to the affidavit of arrest, 37-year-old Holly L. Littles of Murfreesboro has been charged with the felony after an audit of the bank’s finances was performed.
The affidavit alleges that Murfreesboro Police Chief Randy Lamb was called to the bank Thurs., July 9, where he met with Jim Arrington, Director of Retail Operations, Terri Coleman and two other bank officials. Lamb was told that the bank had conducted an audit and that two of the employees were found to have cash outages, according to police reports.
Officials allegedly advised Lamb that the two individuals were no longer at the bank and that they wanted to notify the Murfreesboro Police Department of the situation.
The next day Lamb reported receiving a call to meet with a person at the Pike County Detention Facility. The affidavit indicates that Littles was waiting for Lamb in the lobby of the building and she told him that she wanted to talk to him in regards to the incident at the bank.
According to police reports, Lamb read Littles her Miranda Rights and then took a written statement from her in which Littles confessed to taking money from the bank, saying that over the past month and a half she had taken $14,280.91 and that she wanted to pay the money back in full.
After talking with Littles, the affidavit indicates that Lamb received a fax from Coleman that stated the audit found Littles’ drawer to be short in the amount of $14,213.41. The fax went on to state that Littles had confessed to taking the money and the bank wished to file charges against her, according to the affidavit.
Later that afternoon, Arrington told Lamb that Littles had repaid the bank in full that day, according to police.