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Bonnerdale News

By Karroll Morphew

Happy birthday to Lexie Shewbart, Jeanice Davis, and Regina Watts, July 24, Tana Veasey, July 25, George Baker, Mark Small and Karson Robbins, July 26.
As if the hot weather we are experiencing is not bad enough, the knowledge that after we make it through July, we still have August ahead of us. Generally August is as bad, or maybe even worse, than July.
Saturday we made a trip to Smithville, Oklahoma, to attend the Mountain Fork Singing Convention. This convention meets every July, and was it ever hot Saturday! When we returned to our car after the singing had ended, upon opening the car doors it was like a blast of hot air hit us. But we had a good time, good food, good singing, and will try to attend the winter session which will be held in January.
This past week has been a fairly quiet week for us. In fact, this summer has been fairly quiet except for breakdowns. Jim’s tractor has been down around two months and is now in the shop. The tiller made two or three trips to the shop for repairs. Now the lawn mower is in the shop, and that is just the outside machines. The cook top that I have loved for twenty two years is trying to take out. I could find a repair man but nobody can find parts for a cook top that old. To get another one, same brand and same size, we will have to pay more than double what we paid for what we have now.
There are various small aggravations that I won’t go into, but my sewing machine acted up a few days ago. Now that is serious when it gives me problems. I took it apart and cleaned it, then oiled it and let it set a day or two, and I think I have it back in working order. I will find out as soon as I get some fabric to start a new quilt.
Another thought provoking incident reported, which I will pass along:
Today, in the cutest voice, my 8 year old daughter asked me to start recycling.
I chuckled and asked, “Why?”
She replied, “So you can help me save the planet.”
I asked her, “And why do you want to save the planet?”
“Because that’s where I keep all my stuff,” she said.
See you next week.

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