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VA offers re-evaluations for service-connected disabilities


“Listen Up.”

Attention veterans with service-connected disability. If you have been awarded a percentage for your disability for 10 years you can get a re-evaluation for a possible increase without fear or percentage being lowered.

It only takes two minutes to fill out a request for re-evaluation. Then you wait for VA to send you an appointment to Fort Root, North Little Rock, to see a doctor.

If you do this be sure to get any information from all private physicians concerning  your disability. They can get any info from your VA Primary Care doctor.

A veteran who is house-bound, and/or needs aid and attendance by another person, and is service connected disabled rating of 30% or more can apply for additional payments, If the vet’s spouse is in Disabled, the vet can apply for additional payments.

The 2015 edition of Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors should be coming out soon. It costs just $5 from the US Printing Office, including shipping.

You can order it by phone, toll free, 866-512-1800.

Remember our service personnel in your prayers, and thank  you for your service.

Milton Puryear

Howard County Veterans Service Office


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