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Tollette OK’s purchase of $5k accounting software


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TOLLETTE – The purchase of a suite of accounting software was a contentious issue for the Tollette town council in their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening.
Mayor Charles Miller lobbied strongly for the purchase of the software, saying that the $5,000 expense would greatly reduce the time and effort preparing for the two annual audits the town faces. Town recorder/treasurer Dorothy Walker currently hand writes town accounting records on ledger paper to keep records for auditors, which Miller characterized as time consuming and prone to errors.
The cost of Centerpoint Fund Accounting software, provided by the company which produced the system Tollette uses for water billing, would be billed out over a five month period according to Miller, with an additional annual fee for technical support. Objections about the cost came from council member Glenda Reed, mainly centered on the fact that Miller could not provide a firm figure on how much the annual support fee would be.
Initially, Miller declined to call for a vote about adopting the system due to Reed’s objections, but later in the meeting decided to call the vote anyway – where it passed by the narrowest possible margin, with Reed and James Porter, Jr. voting against the purchase and Sharonda Miller, Brenda Porter and Chester Cheatham voting in favor.
Miller also asked the council to approve the purchase of a $350 upgrade to the water billing software which would allow water customers to opt in to automatic billing for their accounts. The council quickly and unanimously approved that purchase.
Unexpected hits to the town’s finances were also discussed, with Miller disclosing that the long-running repairs to the town’s garbage truck were nearly $4,000 above what was anticipated.
Additionally, the expenses associated with the water and sewer systems were reported as nearly $1,000 higher than revenues last month. He attributed most of those expenses with the ongoing efforts to restore the town’s infrastructure and also the large amounts of water coming into the town.
He went on to say that most of the infrastructure repairs are completed, and no additional costs should be seen for that in coming months.
Another issue brought up during the meeting touching on the subject of the recent storms was the lack of a storm siren for the town. Council member Brenda Porter asked about the possibility of acquiring one, which Miller said he would look into.

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