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115 years ago: 1900
Not long since Deputy and acting Sheriff C.C. Custer received information from Louisiana concerning a man wanted in that state for murder. It was thought he was located at the farm of Dr. B. F. Jones on Muddy Fork. Mr. Custer was warned that this man was a “bad un” and always carried a gun, and would shoot as he had killed several men.
Last Monday Mr. Custer, Jim Wallace and a guide went out after the man. They found him at work in the field and getting the drop on him ordered him to surrender. His hands went up in short order when he looked into the muzzle of the gun. He told the men he usually kept his gun with him but had happened to leave it at home that day.
On the way to jail he confessed that he was the party wanted. He is now in jail at Centre Point awaiting the arrival of officers from Louisiana.
(Adv.) Schuh’s Rattle-Snake Oil Liniment . It is held in great esteem among the Indians of America and the inhabitants of Africa. For rheumatism and stiffness of joints principally. For sale by Rector Drug Co., Nashville

100 years ago: 1915
One day last week Dr. S. J. Thomasson sold his gravel pit north of Murfreesboro to the Memphis, Dallas and Gulf Railroad for the sum of $12,500. The gravel pit is located directly on the line of the railroad and is considered the best in the state. Dr. Thomasson will be paid in installments.
Leon Benedict, an employee at the box factory in this city, lost the index finger of his left hand, and had two other fingers injured by a saw last Monday, while at work.
Notice to cantaloupe growers: Arrangements are being made by which personal representations of the trade will be on the ground to take care of the entire output of cantaloupes this season, as per contracts arranged between yourselves and R. G. Parker, agent. Producers Exchange & Clearing House

60 years ago: 1955
Glen Harris, 19-year old recent Murfreesboro High graduate, was killed Monday afternoon when a tractor overturned on his father’s farm.
A companion, Douglas Ray, said his tractor became mired down in the mud and Harris was using his tractor to pull him free when the accident occurred.
The survivors include the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tilly Harris, two brothers, Arnold Harris of near Murfreesboro and Corporal James Harris of Camp Chaffee and a sister, Mrs. Dallas Stueart of Mesquite, Texas.
Warning to Parents and Guardians: A city ordinance holds parents and guardians accountable for their children or wards in the killing or injuring song birds or any insect destroying bird. Persons permitting this are subject to a fine of not less than $5.00 nor more than $25.00. Citizens- please report violations to your city marshall, Otis Icenhower.
(Adv.) Elberta Theatre, cooled by refrigeration, showing Thursday and Friday, “Black Widow” in CinemaScope with Ginger Rodgers, Van Heflin, Gene Tierney and George Raft

40 years ago: 1975
A summer storm turned its force upon central Howard County Friday evening. There were no injuries reported.
High winds damaged barns and chicken houses from south of Center Point through the Blue Bayou community. Hugh trees were uprooted. A mobile home at Blue Bayou was over turned and smashed back to the ground. All sides split, scattering and smashing belongings. The trailer was occupied by the Ottis Jordan Family, who took refuge in a metal egg house.

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