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Senior Center News by Mike Prince



Many candidates are declaring themselves eligible for president in different parties, each one presenting themselves proficient in solving America’s problems in areas of education, economy, social disharmony, immigration, etc., often expounding on their opponent’s weaknesses and untrustworthiness in political and private lives.

Over 200 years ago George Washington was acclaimed to fame for truthfulness, in a cherry tree incident, Abe Lincoln for honest in walking miles to return a penny. Both men became President, each presiding over wartime eras.

George Washington’s father confronted young George concerning a cherry tree incident being cut down with a hatchet.

Young George admitted that he was the culprit, explaining to his father that he could not tell a lie because he had been instructed on the consequences of sin and he rewards of a righteous lifestyle. His father was proud of his son’s forthcoming admission of guilt. He forgave his son, explaining “no one is perfect and everyone makes a mistake … admitting one’s mistakes makes a father proud of his son,”

“Oh, yeah, by the way son, where did you get the hatchet?”

“I stole it,” replied George, “but don’t forget, Dad, nobody’s perfect.”

Times may have changed, but people haven’t! Don’t forget to vote.

Things are beginning to happen — new interior painting, following real soon our kitchen renovation in serving and selection in your choice of each day’s menu. Come hungry, eat hardy.


Tuesday, June 9

Chicken tenders, au gratin potatoes, spinach, sherbert, dinner roll

Wednesday, June 10

Sweet and sour pork, low sodium rice, sugar snap peas, fruited gelatin, wheat roll

Thursday, June 11

Spaghetti with meat sauce, California blend vegetables, French bread, fruit crisp

$3.00 donation, 11:30 a.m. lunches begin, lots of June birthdays, don’t forget to receive your free lunch for those born this month.



Monday, June 8

Boxing monthly commodities

Tuesday, June 9

Distributing monthly commodities 12:30-3:00. Yoga 9:00 a.m., Pike County Senior Walk — Murfreesboro

Wednesday, jUNE 10

Move with Balance 9:00 a.m., Bingo 10:00 a.m., distributing monthly commodities 8:00 a.m.-?, Mena Regional 11:00 a.m.


Center rented, Miller Reunion


End of month drawing for prizes donated by these local businesses:

Fish nest, Wright’s Food Center, Glenwood Country Club, O.K. Cafe, Teresa Fashions, Pizza Shack, Subway, Exxon Tiger Mart

Everyone likes to hear their name called being a winner. We’re appreciative of our sponsors.

Our problems are not really our problems … it’s our attitude toward our problems that’s the problem. Our problem most of the time is that we’re our problem. Work at solutions to solve your problems, then help others with theirs — only f they ask. Good friends are hard to come by, making enemies is easy.

One man was telling me he plowed all day barefooted from sunup to sundown with no shoes — but his mule had shoes.

Our Helping Hand Store has many types of shoes for the entire family, but no horse or mule shoes. check their inventory for all sorts of everything.

We welcome Larry Mohmann and Melvin Duren — our two newest members. They appear excited by participating in our activities.

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