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Reader wishes to thank those who aided in time of need



Dear Editor,
On May 27, 2015 I was the victim of a hit and run as I walked across the parking lot at the Shell station in Dierks. My injuries were not serious or life threatening but bad enough for an ambulance and trip to the emergency room.
This letter is to thank all of the people who came to my assistance after the accident. I know only a few of the names so can’t thank all the people who came to my aid. I just know there were 15-20 people there offering aid and comfort. Not like in other places where I would have been ignored.
A couple by name: Stacy Janes made phone calls on my behalf, took my car to my wife and informed her of the accident. I am told it was Dale Jones who propped me up from behind, giving much comfort. I am told that may have kept me from going into shock. Brian Richardson replaced him after a long time and continued to help. To all the others whose names I don’t know or remember, I thank you also.
It was a confusing time and I was not thinking straight, but with your help, things went well. I am recovering and should be ok in a few weeks: Lots of pain, and relying on a cane to get around but doing better. Nurses come every other day to change bandages and check on my general health.
Again, my thanks to all of you and to all who have called afterwards to check on me. It is great to have friends.
Bill Kolb,

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