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Ranch lifestyle raising a benefit to Womack children



The Womack family has put out a joint effort to make their farm one-of-a-kind. Russell, Stacy, Guy, and Addie all work together as a team, and more importantly a family, to make their business a successful one.
Together, they attend Unity Baptist Church in Hope.
Stacy Womack, farm wife, is a 44 year old program technician at the Farm Service Agency located in Lewisville. The role she plays in the operation of the Womack farm is record and book keeping. The technician said being a farm wife has been very time consuming as well as rewarding.
“I am very honored that our family has been thought of for the award,” Stacy Womack said. She also put a huge emphasis on family being a large part of the farm’s success.
Guy Womack, 18 year old son of Russell and Stacy Womack, graduated from Spring Hill High School this year and plans to attend Murray State College in the fall. He will be participating in a program in preparation of becoming a gunsmith.
The recent high school graduate said that growing up on the farm he has learned that every little thing he does influences everything else on the property. Therefore, every decision regarding the farm has to be well thought through.
Guy said he cannot pinpoint a specific role he plays on the farm, but instead, “does whatever needs to be done whenever it needs to be done.”
His favorite part of farm life is the enjoyment he gets from being around the cows.
The future gunsmith spends his free time hunting and fishing – but the majority of his time goes into aiding the family business. In high school, Guy was a member of FFA and the trap team.
The 18-year-old said he knows his farm background will help him later in life because “it has developed and instilled a large amount of worth ethic” within him. He said that being named Farm Family of the Year for Hempstead County is important to him because he appreciates the “recognition of hard work” from his community.
Guy’s younger sister, Addie, has plans just as hopeful as her older brother. Addie Womack, 15 years old, will be a sophomore at Spring Hill High School in the fall. She has been a member of FFA since she was in eighth grade and has shown cattle through 4-H since she was in kindergarten. She has five cows of her own on the farm.
Addie said her main role in the family cattle industry is vet-related. She is currently in a Vet-Science program through a county 4-H program and hopes to attend college in the future to become a licensed Veterinarian. Currently, her main college prospect is LSU, but she also wants to tour OSU.
One of Addie’s favorite memories is bottle feeding calves on her front porch.
The future veterinarian said growing up on the farm has “taught her a lot of responsibility.” She said she realized at a young age that the animals depend on her and her family, and because of this they must be dependable.
“Waking up one day and deciding you don’t want to go to work is not an option on the farm. There are things that have to be done,” said Addie.
Every member of the Womack family has aided in the success of the farm as well as enjoyed farm-separate, admirable, personal lives. Although, for the most part, the business has shaped the lives of the family members, they have all succeeded in creating their own paths and plans in life.