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Glenwood Cemetery Needing Volunteers


GLENWOOD — The Glenwood Cemetery Association is needing “a few good men” — and women — to volunteer to help with needed work at the cemetery.

The historic cemetery is mowed regularly, thanks to the donations of area residents. However, according to board members, the $350 mowing fee requires families who own cemetery lots to assist with donations, or to come and volunteer to help keep up the property.

The Glenwood Cemetery Board hopes needed work can be done before Father’s Day, June 21st. You are invited to join the board at the Okay Cafe for breakfast (or early lunch) on Wednesday, June 17th, at 10 a.m., and then join the tour of the cemetery.

Tree limbs and brush need to be cleared, so anyone with a power saw, heavy equipment, a rake, or a shovel is welcome to help.

The funds currently available for the cemetery are planned to go toward an actual cemetery sign, improved roadway, a possible pavillion, additional platted lots and benches. However, none of these improvements are possible without the assistance with the family graves throughout the cemetery.

Cemetery Association President, Sharon Noble, may be reached at 501-318-8370, for additional information, and donations can be mailed to the Glenwood Cemetery Association at P.O. Box 2043, Glenwood, 71943.

Recent donations include those made by: James and Nell Bardwell of Arkadelphia, Betty Oliver of Little Rock and Connie Waller of Royal.


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