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conference shakeups coming in 2016-2018 cycle


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The 2016-17 school year will bring about some changes in football and basketball conferences and classifications for local teams according to the Arkansas Activities Association.
Football doesn’t see many changes, but it does bring about the return of an old rivalry with Mountain Pine moving into the 7-2A Conference with Mount Ida.
Mount Ida moved back into the 7-2A football conference in the 2014-15 school year after spending a cycle in the 5-2A.
The 7-2A looks basically the same with mainstays Dierks, Foreman, Mineral Springs and Murfreesboro making up the heart of the conference with Mount Ida, Lafayette County and Spring Hill also among their ranks. The one change this cycle will be the departure of Gurdon who will move up to the 5-3A and the addition of Mountain Pine.
The big shake up comes in the basketball ranks with Caddo Hills moving up to 2A and Mount Ida dropping down into 1A.
Caddo Hills will be a part of the 7-2A conference alongside Blevins, Cutter Morning Star, Foreman, Magnet Cove, Mountain Pine, Murfreesboro and Poyen.
Mount Ida will join Oden in the 7-1A conference. Other schools in the 7-1A include Acorn, Dierks, Kirby, Mineral Springs and Umpire.
The change in conference is due to a shift in AAA policy regarding enrollment and sports participation. In recent years, If a 1A school participated in football they were considered a 2A school in all sports. For the upcoming cycle the AAA will depend solely on an average enrollment of high school students. Private schools’ enrollment are weighted to keep conferences competitive. Classification allignment is based on a three year average of their October 1 enrollment.
The classifications are determined as follows:
Class 7A – The largest 16 schools
Class 6A – The next largest 16 schools.
Class 5A – The next largest 32 schools.
Class 4A – The next largest 48 football schools and all basketball only schools whose enrollment numbers fall within these.
Class 3A – The next largest 48 football schools and all basketball only schools whose enrollment numbers fall within these.
Class 2A – The next largest 48 schools and the remainder of football schools.
Class 1A – The remainder of schools.
Enrollment numbers for local schools include: Acorn – 113.33, Blevins – 136.00, Caddo Hills – 137.33, Centerpoint – 237,  Dierks – 121.67, Foreman – 138.67, Mineral Springs – 94.33, Mountain Pine – 134.33, Mount Ida – 133.67, Murfreesboro – 158.33,  Kirby – 102.33, Oden – 57.33, Umpire – 35.67.