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We will not renounce Christianity


Mike GravesBy Mike Graves


We showed our support for Chick-fil-A by dining there when you picketed the place – so much so, in fact, that the establishment ran out of food in many locations.
We retaliated to your militancy by supporting Hobby Lobby with our wallets – so much so, the firm’s bottom line was strengthened with enough money to open a Bible museum near the National Mall in D.C.
We grew disgusted enough with your intolerance toward us we donated $800,000 to an account set up for Memories Pizza, the restaurant in Indiana who would not cave in to your idea of marriage.
In Houston, we forced the militant lesbian mayor to back down from subpoenas requiring area pastors to turn over sermons and other communications.
Efforts to drive Duck Dynasty off the air for the comments on sexual immorality backfired and the show has more viewers than before the media attempted to crucify Phil Robertson.
According to the magazine Imprimis, the war against Christianity is not gaining ground without a fight. We will not go quietly into the night and succumb to your idea of tolerance. You’ve pushed us far enough. We will NOT renounce Christianity.
“We must change religious doctrines when reproductive choices are threatened and gays and the transgendered are discriminated against,” says Hillary Clinton, appearing with Terry Mattingly’s “On Religion.”
Sure, Hillary, we’ll abandon the sacred scriptures for what you believe. You’re probably wiser than God.